Managing Director Job At Hearts of Oak 2022 | The Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club Plc is looking for a competent person who qualifies to occupy the position of Managing Director. As the managing director, you will see the effective running and growth of the private limited company.

About Hearts of Oak

Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club Plc is the premier professional football club in Ghana and is over a century old. It has enjoyed a rich history of international and local league successes while expanding its stakeholder and fan base. The board has a renewed vision of transforming the Club, considering its impressive growth, to strategically position it as a truly international one.

Managing Director Job At Hearts of Oak

We are looking for an experienced Managing Director to control and oversee all the club’s operations, people, and subsidiaries. The person will be the highest-ranking manager in the organization and will be responsible for the overall success of the business.

The ideal candidate will be a strategist and a leader able to steer the club in the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission, and long-term plans.

The goal is to ensure the club is constantly moving towards fulfilling its short-term and long-term objectives in tandem with its strategic guidelines.

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How To Apply For The Managing Director Position

To Apply for Managing Director Job At Hearts of Oak, go through the responsibilities and qualifications required below. If you are fit for the managing director position, Send your applications and CVs to:

[email protected]

The application must be presented in English in addition to a CV.

Closing Date: 25 August 2022

Job Responsibilities (Hearts of Oak)

The Managing Director’s main responsibilities include:

1. Overseeing All of The Hearts’ Operations

Whilst being supported by various managers, the Managing Director will assume overall responsibility for:

• Establishment of sound and effective working relationships with the Head Coach
• Performance management of the youth development program
• Effective recruitment and retention of players
• Effective contract negotiations for players and coaching staff (within established budgets)
• Management of player discipline (including enforcement of a code of conduct)
• Provision of tools and equipment in line with authority limits and budgetary constraints
• Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations
• Maintenance of effective security arrangements for staff and players at matches
• Developing a cogent business plan for the running and managing of its Kpobiman Sports Academy to ensure its long-term commercial viability and sustainability
• Development of multiple related revenue streams to ensure financial viability
• Overall performance of all footballing and other activities

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2. Representation at GFA, PLB, GHALCA, etc.

Protecting Hearts interests, in a professional manner through:

• Maintenance of sound working relationships with GFA, PLB, and GALCA
• Maintenance of sound working relationships with all other clubs
• Fulfilling all statutory requirements of and obligations to these bodies

3. Establishment and maintenance of good corporate and government relationships

• Sound and effective relationships with local authorities and the government
• Sound and effective relationships with corporate sponsors and partners
• Sound and effective working relationships with external suppliers

4. Establishment and maintenance of sound internal working relationships

• Board members
• Administrative Staff
• Technical staff
• Players
• Shareholders
• Fans
• Volunteers

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5. Ensuring sound corporate management

• Maintaining strong general management, marketing, and business development focus
• Development of strategic and business plans and budgets
• Management of corporate governance issues
• Ensure effective reporting to Board
• Ensure transparency with members and sponsors
• Adhering to Hearts Code of Ethics

6. Maintenance of effective HR policies and procedures

• Ensuring HR policies and procedures are documented and communicated
• Implementation of staff recruitment, training, and retention strategies
• Ensuring clear definition and communication of staff responsibilities
• Development of a culture of continuous improvement
• Annual review of individual performance of staff through a structured performance review
• Development and maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment

7. Financial and asset management

In conjunction with the Chief Finance Officer:

• Ensuring proper record-keeping and accounting at Hearts and its subsidiaries
• Preparation of business plan and annual budgets

8. Overseeing marketing and public relations (including media liaison)

In conjunction with the Chief Commercial Officer:

• Ensuring the effective branding of Accra Hearts of Oak.
• Setting targets and increasing sponsorship values
• Ensuring the development and implementation of innovative marketing campaigns
• Implementation of an effective sponsor consultation plan
• Supporting the NCC with innovative strategies to increase the fan base
• Creating exciting programs to enhance the match day experience
• Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with all forms of media
• Ensuring effective merchandising – product development and sales

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9. Board reporting and preparation of Annual Reports

• Arranging monthly board meetings in consultation with the Board Chairman
• Reporting to the board in a timely and effective manner
• Ensuring that minutes are distributed within agreed timeframes
• Preparing and distributing annual reports within agreed timeframes
• Preparing for AGM and ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations

Profile, Core Skills, and Competencies:

• Excellent organizational and leadership skills
• Demonstrable experience in developing strategic and business plans
• Thorough knowledge of football administration and issues that influence the club
• Strong understanding of sports/football club financing and measures of performance
• Familiarity with corporate law and management best practices
• Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills
• Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities

Job Qualification Required & Experience

Education and Work Experience

• Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in business administration or relevant field
• A qualification in sports management is a plus
• Understanding of corporate financials
• Understanding of relevant laws and regulations
• Prior experience working within a sporting environment
• Prior experience in sponsorship negotiation and fund-raising activities
• Proven experience as Managing Director or in a similar position in a reputable firm

Location: Accra

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Reporting Lines

• The Managing Director will report directly to the Board of Accra Hearts of Oak but will work closely with and under the supervision of the Executive Chairman.

Those reporting directly to the Managing Director will include:

• Chief Administrative Officer
• Chief Finance Officer
• Chief Commercial Officer
• Technical Director
• Head, Hearts Football Academy, Kpobiman
• Supporter’s Liaison Officer

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