Salary Range How It Works | Online information makes studying wage ranges easier than it has ever been – but also more difficult. Salary has an incalculable influence in fostering a motivated, contributing workforce. These suggestions will assist you in addressing pay and compensation concerns in a way that promotes employee motivation in your firm.

Decide on a Salary Philosophy

Determine your company’s salary philosophy. Do you believe in increasing base compensation in your firm, or do you value the flexibility of variable pay?

A developing, entrepreneurial company with changing sales and profits may benefit from limiting base salary levels. When conditions are good, the corporation can connect bonus funds to the achievement of goals.

When money is tight, the corporation is not compelled to pay a high base salary. A longer-term corporation with very consistent revenues and earnings may invest more in the base wage.

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Find Salary Comparison Factors

While I feel that industry comparison studies can benefit any firm if undertaken by respectable groups, the main question is if you are competitive in your local market for the majority of your positions. Investigate the salary ranges for comparable positions and job descriptions. The job description is especially crucial for comparisons, although it is frequently more difficult to locate.

Determine whether you are competitive with firms of similar size, sales, and markets for similar positions. Another helpful source of comparison is finding companies in the same industry, particularly in your town or region.

What Objectives Must Your Salary Assist You in Achieving?

Pay must be linked to the achievement of goals, as well as the company’s mission and vision. Any method that provides an employee with the “average” raise for their industry or duration of service (typically 1-4 percent) is detrimental to goal achievement.

Even an above-average raise that distinguishes one employee from another might be demotivating. One manager at a GM facility granted his top employee a 7% raise since she had met all of her objectives and “walked on water.” Motivating? Should have been, but it wasn’t when the employee learned others in the organization were getting ten percent raises or more.

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Furthermore, your compensation system must assist you in creating the desired work culture. Paying an individual solely for his performance accomplishments will not help you create the desired team environment.

As a result, you must carefully identify the work culture you want to foster and direct your best compensation increases toward people who contribute to the culture’s success. If you wish to change your company, describe the change and compensate people in proportion to their support for and contribution to the change.

Finally, your wage approach must be consistent with your human resource objectives and strategies. If your HR department is in charge of producing a highly competent, exceptional staff, you must pay above industry or area averages to attract the quality individuals you seek.

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Paying less than comparable organizations will bring you average personnel and will fall short of your goal of creating an amazing staff. If the HR approach is to get cheap labor in the door quickly with little care for turnover, you can pay workers less.

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